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Boater’s Paradise service department offers all phases of service for boats of all types and sizes. Our service personnel are factory trained and certified. Our full-service shop is available to take care of your every need, from winterizing your engine, to helping you maintain your trailer and electronics. We help you keep your boat on the water with high quality workmanship and affordable service.


Convenient Service:  Through a combination of extended hours and special provisions, you can pick up or drop off your boat for service 6 days a week. We’re there when you need us with service that is competent, reliable, and convenient.

Warranties: Boater’s Paradise offers excellent manufacturer warranty and extended service contract packages.

Boat Services

  • Re-Power Specialists
  • Lighting
  • Livewell systems
  • Steering systems
  • Fiberglass & aluminum repairs
  • Bottom Painting

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Engine Service

  • Major & minor engine repairs
  • Tune-ups
  • Winterize & summerize
  • Powerhead/lower unit repairs

Trailer Service

  • Bearings, tires & wheels
  • Brake systems
  • Winches, couplers & tongue jacks

Storage Service

  • Summerizing

Boating Education: Even if you’re a seasoned boater, you’ll appreciate continuing educational programs

Pre-Departure Check:  It only takes a few minutes to make sure your boat, engine and equipment are in working order before you leave the dock.

  • Check the hull for cracks or damage.
  • Check levels of oil and fuel. Rule of thumb 1/3 for the trip out, 1/3 for the return, and 1/3 for reserve.
  • Look over the hoses, clamps and belts to make sure they are secure and in good shape.
  • Check the battery charge and fluid levels.
  • If your boat is on a lift, be sure to check the drain plug before heading off.


  • Weather Forecast , Local hazards or boating restrictions , Maps and charts on board , Safety Equipment.
  • Flares , Floatation Devices, Extinguishers, Anchor(s), VHF Radio working, First Aid Kit, Spare Parts & tools.
  • Float Plan, Mobile Telephone.

Learn To:

  • Navigate area marker systems
  • Navigate and enjoy shallow water
  • Dock and Handle your Boat safely
  • Properly use safety and navigational equipment
  • Obey and recognize posted Manatee speed zones
  • Tour popular boating areas of your choosing
  • Apply Florida fishing techniques
  • Use proper etiquette on the water and at the boat ramp

Boater’s Paradise
1037 Pine Island Rd Cape Coral FL 33991
Phone: 239-573-6256

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