James Feiszli

My wife and I spent two years in the process of moving to southwest Florida. One of our desires was to acquire a property that had Gulf of Mexico access and get a boat that would allow us to enjoy that access.

Danny at Boaters Paradise spent time with us over the period of two years, giving us advice and being available even though we were not even sure we’d be in the market for boat until after we purchased a home.

Once we found our dream home and knew what limitations that home imposed on us in regard to a boat, Danny helped us find a quality used boat that would serve our needs.

In addition, they hooked us up with both a lender and an insurance agent that gave us a total package for the best way to get the boat for our lifestyle. Highly recommended. It is helpful if you know something about boats to begin with. And I would ask questions like, “Will I receive the boat with a full tank of gas?” and similar.

Bottom line: No regrets